Indoor Air Purification
It is very important to maintain a well balanced Indoor air Quality within your
home or business. By doing so you can prevent numerous amounts of
airborne bacteria or debris from affecting your everyday living and especially
your health. A UV Light system in your Air Handler, Electronic Air Cleaners,
using whole house media filters, cleaning, repairing, or replacing your duct
systems if necessary and having dehumidifiers in your home or business are
great measures for having the best indoor air quality possible. Also, it is
recommended to get your coils and drain pans cleaned.
Electronic Air Cleaners.
Installing an electronic air cleaner with your air handler will provide whole
house filtration. Capturing up to 100% of airborne particles passing through
your system; removing dust, dirt, pollen particles and removing cooking a
tobacco smoke. By keeping your air conditioner coils cleaner this in turn will
help keep your system at a higher efficiency and performance rate. This will
also help reduce the cost of repairs on your system
Whole House Media Filter.
Installing a media filter in your air conditioning system will help capture up to
37 times more airborne particles through the filter than a standard 1" filter.
Having the correct filter in your system can help reduce most airborne
sickness such as allergies. Filters just like electronic air cleaners help trap
pet dander, dust, dirt, pollen and any type of smoke within your home. This
in turn also helps keep the coil cleaner while enhancing the performance of
your air conditioning system and keeping the air within your home or
business cleaner and free of airborne allergens. Here at Preferred Air
Conditioning we offer a wide variety of filters to best fit your home needs.
Dehumidifiers are designed to work in removing any excess moisture within
your home. This is used to prevent any dampness which can cause mold and
mildew growth and dust mite proliferation. Dehumidifiers absorb any humidity
through out your home, thus, protecting your home and furnishings against
damage caused by moisture. Newer air conditioning units come already
equipped with better dehumidifying abilities.
Duct Cleaning, Repair or Replacement.
Leaking duct work adds up to loss of cooling or heating in your place of
residence or business which in turn can cause higher electricity bills. There
are two ways your ducts can leak; return duct leaks or supply duct leaks.
Return duct leaks cause the home or business to have a negative pressure
therefore drawing air from wherever it can get to stabilize the negative
pressure. This can expose you to dirty air being drawn into the duct system
and back into your home or business. A supply duct leak is an energy loser. It
causes cold air to be lost through cracks and holes in the walls and bring hot
air from outside into your home or business. In return causing your air
conditioner to work twice as hard to cool your home or business. Most duct
problems can be repaired and many come with FPL rebates to the customer.
Duct Systems generally can be sealed to prevent any leaks or get the proper
insulation to maintain a good balance of air flow throughout your duct system.
IF at any point your duct system can not be cleaned or repaired then we would
go ahead and suggest on getting them replaced to a higher grade duct
system. We also do not recommend getting fiberboard ducts cleaned. Any
repairs to your duct system will improve efficiency and lower electrical costs.
UV Light System.
Mold, mildew and algae. The proper UV Light System installed will provide a
healthier living environment for you, your family and even your air
conditioning system. By killing mold and mildew when they start reduces the
risk of potential exposure to this type of bacteria. It helps reduce the typical
household odors associated with mold and mildew and improves your air
conditioner's efficiency and performance. Having a UV Light System also
helps maintain your coil cleaner, this in turn saves you money from costly
coil cleanings. Also, it can reduce any unnecessary repair costs and extend
the life of your air conditioner. Like anything; the better the equipment is,
the better the performance of your system will be. By using a dual lamp UV
Light system you will get the best performance for your dollar.
We Offer a wide variety of indoor air quality items. Such as UV Lights, High
Volume Filters, Electronic Air Filters and ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventillators.