D U C T    R E P A I R
Duct Repairs could be the most important energy improvement measure you can take.
When you repair a leaky duct you will start saving on your electrical bills. There are
two different types of leaks your duct system can encounter. Return duct leaks or
supply duct leaks. A supply duct leaks cause cold air to be lost through cracks and
holes in the walls and allow hot air from outside to come into your home or business. A
return duct leak causes the home or business to have a negative pressure therefore
drawing air from wherever it can to stabilize this pressure; this can be unhealthy if it
draws air from an attic where fiber glass is present or somewhere near hazardous
gases. You definitely don't want any of these hazards lingering within your home or
business. The older ducts will begin to fall apart and leak, causing heated or cooled air
from your duct system into your attic or outside instead of your living space. Most duct
problems can be repaired. Duct systems can generally be sealed or get the proper
insulation to maintain a good balance of air flow throughout the duct system.

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