Protect your unit!
To help protect and maintain the performance and life of your unit:

In Florida, being that it is sub-tropic. The weather and salt air in the
coastal sections can play havoc on your air conditioner. There is an
inexpensive coil treatment to help prolong the life and efficiency of
your air conditioning coils.

We offer these services:

- Coil Coat

- Zinc Ball
(Known as a Corrosion Grenade or Zinc Diode. This item sacrifices
itself to prevent corrosion).

- Individual Unit Surge Protectors

The surge protector, sounds pretty much what you would have on your
home or office computer doesn't it? Well these little guys are special,
They protect your air conditioning system. They protect your unit if
there are random power surges or if there is bad weather out.
Thunderstorms etc.