D U C T   C L E A N I N G
Duct Cleaning refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling
components. If your ducts are not properly installed or maintained your
air might become contaminated with dust, pollen or any other airborne
debris which can be the cause of many allergens.
Generally it is impossible when to determine whether or not your air
ducts need cleaning. If you see visible dust particles blowing out through
your air vent system or any unexplained health issues occur within your
home or business then you should consider having your ducts
inspected for possible cleaning
Most ducts can be cleaned with high powered vacuums with the aid of
brushes or our high powered air whips; this is called a push - pull method
of cleaning the air ducts. We do not recommend this for fiberboard ducts
to be cleaned using these types of methods because the integrity of the
ducts would be compromised. This can result in constant fiber glass
debris floating in your air system and within your home of business which
can be very unhealthy. We recommend you sanitize your fiberboard
ducts or even consider replacing them. Also consider cleaning your
return plenums and evaporator coils when cleaning your ducts.
Here at Preferred Air Conditioning we pride ourselves in offering the best
quality duct cleaning service. We use a very high powered vacuum known
as Hepa-Aire with a 3 step filtration process and the discharged air being
that of hospital air quality. We also use a variety of cleaning tools along
with the vacuum like the ones mentioned above. Granted, there are many
other forms of duct cleaning you can choose from but we use the best
method available. We only use what we would use in our own homes!
The cleaner your air is, the easier it will be for you and your family to
breathe. Cleaner, less polluted air will ultimately result in better health!