R O U N T I N E   M A I N T E N A N C E
A routine maintenance on your air conditioner can increase the life of
your system, increase its performance and also you can prevent any
unnecessary costly repair bills. You can keep your system running
smoothly by taking advantage of signing on to our Preventive
Maintenance Contract. You will receive 2 annual check ups; 1 at cooling
season and 1 at heating season. You will also get the benefit of
receiving a 10% discount on any service calls if you might ever need
them. This gives you the worry free state of mind that your air
conditioner will be operating smoothly.
Your Twice yearly maintenance will include the following:

- Service Filters
- Check refrigerant levels and pressures
- Clean condensate pan
- Clean and treat drain lines
- Adjust belt tensions
- Check heat transfer on condenser and evaporator coils
- Check thermostat operation
- Lubricate bearing
- Inspect all controls
- Check amps and volts on compressor and motors
- Check capacitor
- Tighten wire connections
We clean and treat drain lines as efficiently as possible but under any
circumstance if your drain lines have been neglected over the years,
the drain lines will form a scaly like build up which is very difficult to
blow out and this might require more than one treatment.
This is one major factor why you should perform a regular
maintenance on your air conditioner.